We make better space!

We make better space!

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TecnoWood Discover

We created TecnoWood® as a first and unique glass partition wall fitted in wooden profiles. The sleek bamboo profiles create a distinct atmosphere. Ideally, the partition wall is combined with solid gypsum walls. Side-pressed bamboo profiles guarantee a better acoustic performance and can be fitted untreated (no varnish). The glass panels are fitted within the profile with a rubber joint. The doorframe can hold either solid or glas doors. TecnoGreen® is compatible with TecnoWood®.


Chat Board Discover

Get rid of your whiteboard, here comes CHAT BOARD®. For creative and esthetically demanding people there now is CHAT BOARD®. In trendy colours, or plain white, fixed thightly against a wall, it is your number one tool for visual communication, mindmapping or brainstorming in the heart of your company. CHAT BOARD® is available in 25 colours and comes in 13 standard sizes. Panels can be installed flush one alongside the other. Photos, illustrations and other snippets can be attached by magnet, your thoughts can run freely and be jotted down by whiteboard marker.
As a plugin we offer an attachable projectionscreen and further there’s a CHAT BOARD® Mobile and a CHAT BOARD® Wardrobe in the collection.
Accept no limits to your creativity!

TecnoSlim Discover

TecnoSlim is our most pure and ’slim’ single glass partitioning wall. In combination with any plasterboard or other interior solid wall, this proves to be a quick and economical choice which, esthetically, holds the comparison with more expensive solutions. The doorframe can be used for glass and wooden doors. Access control by means of an electrical latch as well as ceiling-high doors are possible.

Gypsum Discover

By taking over the estabished company Debaere, TecnoSpace acquired a year-long know-how in gypsum works, as well as all types of suspended ceilings. As a Gyproc ProTeam we install all varieties of gypsum walls and ceilings. Over the years there isn’t a type of suspended ceiling we didn’t install, from standard mineral types to specialistic metallic tiles. We do not limit ourselves to the regular office environment for these installations, retail spaces and the food and beverage industry feature amongst our clientele.


Suspended ceilings Discover

By taking over the estabishled company Debaere, TecnoSpace now has the ability to design and construct office ceilings and suspended ceiling systems of all types and complexity, from modular grid right through to sophisticated, purpose built, high performance suspended ceilings.

The right ceiling can improve the office environment greatly. For example, ceilings can be installed that alter acoustic qualities according to what is required in the workspace. A meeting room would need very different acoustics compared with an open plan office space. The right type of suspended ceiling can achieve the exact acoustic properties you want as a client for each space.

There are a number of issues to consider when choosing the right type of suspended ceiling for your office: fire protection, acoustics, light reflectance, air quality, durability, accessibility and maintenance, ease of installation and finally cost.

With access to a vast range of modern components, we’ll provide you with the answers and skilled fitters for a flawless installation.


TecnoMove Discover

TecnoMove satisfies the most stringent requirements a user may demand from a movable wall, including excellent acoustical properties. When you find yourself in need to to divide a meeting or conference room, our movable wall system is your solution.
TecnoMove runs very smoothly along its track system by means of ball-bearing trolleys and has practically unlimited stacking possibilities. All our walls have been designed to eliminate the need for floor guides. In combination with acoustic pressure sleeves, they ensure the greatest possible stability and highest possible degree of sound-proofing.

TecnoGreen Discover

Where TecnoSpace meets Buzzispace!

What happens when two strong brands meet in one new product? They combine qualities! TecnoSpace selected Buzziskin with its acoustic specs as the fabric for a new upholstered partionning panel, introducing TecnoGreen.

Create a serene atmosphere within your concentration bubble. Voices and noises get hushed, the aquarium-feel is gone, and you add some color and spiciness to your colleagues working environment.

TecnoGreen is an elegant and slim sandwich panel, to be used solely in combination with TecnoSlim or TecnoPure Lite products. Combined with the glass sidepanels, this plugin seemlessly blends in.

TecnoTen Discover

If looks could deceive... TecnoTen consists of a complete partitioning solution. Slim aluminium profiles are used to create a vintage steel look. A clean transition for fitting onto a more acoustic solid wall is foreseen. The doorframe is suitable for wooden and glass doors. It is possible to integrate an electrical latch. Doors can be fitted to room height.


TecnoPure Lite Discover

A very complete partitioning solution, including single-glass walls in elegant profiles. TecnoPure Lite features a neatly designed transition profile from glass - solid partition wall. The doorframe is suitable for both glass and wooden doors. Access control by means of a built-in electric latch is possible. Ceiling-high doors can be implemented.

TecnoLine Discover

This is a complete and proven partition system that integrates double glass cassettes with solid walls. TecnoLine is modular, flexible, adaptable and provides you with an added value of integrating accessible electrical and datacabling in the solid walls.
The apparent profiles are minimal. Acoustically TecnoLine performs very well.

TecnoClick Discover

TecnoClick is our most basic and affordable partitioning wall, offering a similar user experience as our top-range wall systems. It’s suitable in many situations and extremely versatile. It comes with apparent finishing profiles.
Ease, speed of fitting and friendly budget are key indicators to choose for TecnoClick. It combines solid walls with pre-assembled double glass and is easily movable within your organisation.

Buzzispace Discover

In the beginning we were one. Nowadays TecnoSpace and Buzzispace are two different and separate entities. Thanks to our mutual roots, we still consider ourselves as a most privileged Buzzispace-partner. As a premium dealer of the Buzzispace productrange, we can offer you the standard off the rack products as well as specialised Buzzispace-solutions made to measure of your specific working environment.


TecnoFlame Discover

With TecnoFlame we introduce an affordable fire resistant glazing in a wooden structure without vertical or horizontal framing. The result is a clear and transparent feel, which does provide integrity and insulation when exposed to fire. TecnoSpace uses Pyrobel glass technology.
TecnoFlame may be combined with FD30 or FD60 solid doors in laminate or veneer.

Bespoke furniture Discover

Over the years we’ve collaborated with some reputed carpenters offering our clients bespoke solutions. Whether it’s a simple reception desk, a kitchenette, a supersized kitchen or a mailroom, we always advise you thoroughly when it comes to materials and production details. Naturally, design, drawings and coordination are included as well.


Citterio Discover

With its range of divider and fitted wall units, Citterio is committed to environmental comfort solutions. C-SS – Citterio Sound System – is a solution specially designed to improve work environments, by recovering all their necessary and desirable acoustic qualities.

Through this fully innovative product for partition walls, Citterio aims to create the conditions to transform an office into an environment with a better quality of life on a human level. The purpose of C-SS is to encourage the best possible relations
among people, by facilitating team work. Consequently, the office will be perceived as a pleasant, friendly and technically advanced environment, with high quality chromatic and decorative styles.

The meeting rooms are arranged to freely discuss, think and work.


About us

The only permanence is change! Through years of experience in office fit-out, TecnoSpace helps businesses keep up to date in an ever faster evolving work environment. Whichever workspace you decide upon, in the long run it all comes down to flexibility. Your company evolves, we follow.
At the start it is no “one-size-fit-all” approach. Our solutions are workspaces and fit-outs made to measure for your company culture and organisation. We turn a plain officespace into your workplace to live in on a daily basis.
In our vision, putting up walls does not confine you, but provides you with opportunities. To us, glass communicates space, openness and efficiency. We deliver solutions to fit your needs. Flexibility, comfort and aesthetics are deciding factors in your choice of TecnoSpace products because... we make better space!

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